Dianorm Air, which we produce locally with our Normtam brand, are air measuring gauges used in the control of internal and external diameters.

DiaNorm_ID, which are produced under the Normtam brand, are very sensitive internal diameter measuring devices measuring micron precision. It applies pressure from two points to the inner diameter surface and exits the dial indicator. DiaNorm_ID bore measurement devices are delivered with reset rings that the dial indicator will set. Measuring tips can also be produced from carbide material according to the purpose of use. Critical detail parts are kept as a spare stock by our company. Choosing price and time advantage with domestic production. Faster and more flexible solutions can be produced by making customized original designs.

You can control your chamfer diameters with "DiaNorm Chamfer" one of our measuring devices produced under our registered Normtam brand.

You can safely and precisely control the depth measurements such as holes, screws and taps on the workpiece with "DiaNorm Depth" devices, which are manufactured under the Normtam brand and are members of the DiaNorm family. DiaNorm devices, which minimize operator error margin in mass production conditions, make sensitive and stable measurements.

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