Norm TAM has been providing special and innovative solutions for all kind of industries in manufacturing that to improve both efficiency and quality for 20 years. Norm TAM is offering right solution to over 200 domestic and foreing customers with the same accuracy with over Twenty years experince. We have expertise in the fields of Gauge, Apparatus and Special and Standard tools.


Norm TAM has come a long way in manufacturing of Standard Tools which we have recently started to produce upon on customer’s request. In this catalog, all of the Standard and special products have been compiled under the brand of “NORM” and have been presented to customers via this catolog.


Norm TAM which offers the most rigid and most economical solutions to its customers, that is assertive in the field of the manufacturing of apparatus. Fixtures which are produced upon on customer request and Norm TAM desing have been widely used by many Factories. Norm TAM has achieved success in manufacturing of Apparatus and installation fixtures particularly designed for CNC Milling Machines.


Norm TAM provides high-quality, cost-effecient solutions and technical support in the production of the Gauge. Norm TAM offers a wide range of standard products to ensure we are able to meet the needs of every client, such as Plug gauges, snap gauges and the other Go – Nogo gauges. Furhtermore, Norm TAM has comprehensive range of control fixture products. Norm TAM combines dedicated teams with CMM machine, mikroscopes and climatized control rooms to develop high quality Gauges that add value to your bussiness.

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